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Asset Recovery Solutions Made Easy

If you've ever had a Tax Deed or Mortgage Foreclosure, then you know that the County has sold your property for the amount of unpaid taxes and mortgage. What most people don't know is that you are entitled to anything over the opening bid. That's where our team comes in and helps you get the surplus funds that you're owed.

"Why haven't I been notified by the County?"

Usually, these Surplus Notification Letters are sent to the last address on record. Unfortunately, most of the time, this is the property that was sold in auction so most people never get these notifications. Our team works directly with the County to go the extra mile to notify you and get you your unclaimed funds.

"What happens if I don't file a claim?"

Unclaimed funds are turned over to the State's Treasury. Simply put, your money is turned over to the state and is free money for them. 

"How does your team help and how much does your service cost?"

We do not charge ANY UPFRONT FEES!


We only get paid when the County successfully pays out on your claim. First, we'll work directly with the County on confirming who is eligible for a claim (typically people whose property has been sold at least 120 days ago). From there, our team will work with you directly on making sure you're the correct person to receive the funds and we'll handle all of the filing from there. We make sure to let you know about all updates through the entire process with full transparency.

"We had no idea there was money available and they got us paid in no time, the good thing was it didn't cost a dime out of pocket."

- Ralph, FL

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